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by Ella Hickson


Starring Anne-Marie Duff and Yolanda Kettle

Design Vicki Mortimer

Lighting Lucy Carter
Composition Stuart Earl
Dramaturg Jenny Worton


The Bronze Age. The Iron Age. The Age of Oil. The Stone Age didn't end for want of stones.

What do you do when you know it's going to run out? Oil follows the lives of one woman and her daughter in an epic, hurtling crash of empire, history and family. 





"Hickson's play is admirably ambitious. Like its subject matter, it casts light into hidden corners."

The Sunday Times



"Bold, playful and scorchingly ambitious"

The Guardian



"Mixes prickly humour with a mischievous intelligence"

Evening Standard



"Hugely imaginative...I can't get it out of my mind"

The Independent



"Anne-Marie Duff is audacious piece of writing" 

Time Out






"Richly rewarding"

Mail on Sunday

"We just don't get female character like this often enough on astage, and certainly not fronting a play as ambitious as this"

Huffington Post

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